Meta Vision

Vision as pertaining to Vision with regards to Vision.
Not unlike, yet vastly different, than Deja Vu.


Only The Narrowest Line

The last of the latest batch of re-discovered, and re-editted video works. Now with title credits and improved audio, edits, and compression rates.

I Like Apples

re-editted and tinkered with, the director's cut in a way

Bull with Moves


Of Unknown Origins

Not really into the abstract photo thing. But because this one just appeared in my phones image bank it strikes me as interesting. Maybe the pocket of a pair of khakis or the palm of my hand reaching into my pocket or my hand on fire - although i'd imagine that i'd remember that...


Tiny Pink Pig, meet Tron

perusing through the iphone photo folder i came across this image.

A piglet is but a mere pig, until it enters the void.